His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna

Sri Svami Purna is a Descending Soul or Divine Incarnation. Even in India, beings of such spiritual stature are extremely rare. He has chosen to remain outside of the public eye for most of His life, inspiring and guiding seekers and world leaders alike from behind the scenes. It is little known that many of the Twentieth Century’s greatest, most revered and best known Spiritual Masters have at one time or other sat at His Feet and received His Blessing and Guidance.

He has acquired complete mastery of the many aspects of worldly life, giving Him a unique capacity to guide and inspire people of every background and stage of life in the journey towards Wholeness. As such, He is a bridge to the Infinite, guiding the seeker back to their own unrealized potential. The Divine Grace radiates through Him without restriction. To hear His teachings in the spirit of openness, humility, and the wish to evolve is therefore to establish a perennial link with the Eternal Presence within and as one’s own Self. As He Himself has said, “The only reason I have manifested in duality is to help you.” His Blessing has been the defining point in the lives of many seekers of Truth. Moreover, His Wisdom is not restricted to any method or tradition of growth, but rather touches all aspects of the human condition, and encompasses every genuine spiritual pathway that leads to Freedom and fulfillment.

His level of mastery has earned Him the title in India, “Vidya Vacaspati” (Lord of Learning). Adept at many forms of alchemy and the highest yogic secrets, Svamiji is a “maha siddha” (Perfected Being), having attained the state of agelessness. His profound teachings and His playful, joyful manner make the Spiritual Path simple, practical, inspirational, and accessible to all who wish to realize their full potential. He teaches the way to lead a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life, and for those who are ready, He shows the way to Liberation in this lifetime.

As late Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, once said, “There are many gurus who have found fame in the West, but Svami Purna is one of the very few who are also greatly revered in India.”

Please visit www.adhyatmik.org for more information about Sri Svami Purna and His global mission and universal teachings.


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